Temporary Life Insurance Certificate

Be Certain to Get Your Temporary Life Insurance Certificate

Temporary life insurance helps you create an instant estate. It is probably the single greatest unique aspect differentiating investment in life insurance from 401Ks and IRA funds. However, no matter if you use life insurance as an investment (whole life … Continue reading “Be Certain to Get Your Temporary Life Insurance Certificate”


Tremendous Power of Paid-Up Additions

The simple definition of paid-up additions is reinvestment of dividends. How does it work? Mutual insurance companies manage and invest money. These investments of course generate yields. In a publicly traded company, these yields are paid out as dividends to … Continue reading “Tremendous Power of Paid-Up Additions”

Free Look Period - Definition and Advantages

Free Look Period – Definition and Advantages

The Free Look Period is among the best kept secrets of the life insurance agents. What is it? In short, it is the time you have available to you to change your mind free of charge after your contract is … Continue reading “Free Look Period – Definition and Advantages”

Mutual Investment

Take Advantage of Mutual Insurance Investment

Everyone knows that the fundamental principle in successful investing is diversification. Does your portfolio include a mutual insurance investment? Your stock broker will advise you in setting up your portfolio. He will advise you to purchase Fortune 500 company stocks, … Continue reading “Take Advantage of Mutual Insurance Investment”