• Security through Life Insurance

We are specialists in asset protection. We help protect your assets in a way that if the unexpected happens, you or your family will not be forced to liquidate your assets.


Uninsurable? We have a solution

Did you try to get life insurance and were denied due to health reasons or age? We have a solution. We are able to offer you a guaranteed issue policy. If you are between the ages 18-74, then you can get 20/20 term life insurance for less than $60/mo. without any medical exam or doctor’s […]


Term Life or Whole Life

        When people start thinking about getting a life insurance policy, the first question they ask themselves and their agent/ broker is: “Which type of insurance policy is better to have? Term Life or Whole Life?” The answer is very simple:      Term Life = renting a life policy      Whole Life […]


Do I have enough life insurance?

Quick and simple answer is: “NO ONE HAS ENOUGH LIFE INSURANCE.” Of course, there may be some exceptions, but they are so far and in between that it’s safe to say no one. Why don’t people have enough life insurance? One main reason is that it’s relatively expensive to get enough coverage, especially as people […]


Rainy Day Fund

Rainy Day Fund Everyone surely knows whats a rainy day fund. However, knowing and doing are two different concepts. Are you actually doing something to have your rainy day fund there for you to back you up if and when the day comes? What’s the size of your rainy day fund? What’s the ideal size […]



Are you saving enough? Everyone of us knows that we have to have a savings emergency fund set aside for those rainy days, retirement, children’s schooling, and so on. The big question that remains is, how much is enough? The numbers differ depending on which adviser you talk to. Some will say 20% of your […]


Life insurance as Portfolio Diversification

Life insurance as Portfolio Diversification Are you an investor? Or are you only an employee and have your job take care of your retirement portfolio? Either way your investment should always be diversified. Agents or investment brokers will always want to take all your extra (investment) money and tell you that their products or services […]


Old vs New Life Insurance

Do you still belong to the people, who think that life insurance is something you never benefit from, because it only pays money once you die? Then the following information about Old vs New Life Insurance is a must read for you! When you ask some what is life insurance, most people will answer, “It […]


Juvenile Policy

Life insurance for kids? Why do they need a Juvenile Policy? After all, they’re not planning on dying or need to secure someone or even their assets. Well, generally no, but there can be exceptions. As they usually are to every rule. However besides the obvious setting up a Juvenile policy has many other benefits, […]

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