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We at Globmer are specialists in asset protection. We help protect your assets in a way that if the unexpected happens, you or your family will not be forced to liquidate your assets.


Uninsurable? We have a solution

Did you try to get life insurance and were denied due to health reasons or age? We have a solution. We are able to offer you a guaranteed issue policy. If you are between the ages 18-74, then you can get 20/20 term life insurance for less than $60/mo. without any medical exam or doctor’s […]


Personal Life Insurance

Are you thinking about purchasing a personal life insurance? In this article, we’ll give you some general guidelines on who can you insure. We’ll also look at who can be the beneficiary. The word personal does not mean only the insured can buy a policy personally. Personal life insurance means insuring the life of a […]


Coronavirus Impact on Mutual Investments

The number one talk about today is without a doubt the coronavirus. Let’s now look at the coronavirus impact on mutual investments. The stock market is a huge roller coaster ride. Nothing grows eternally and many people were expecting an adjustment in the stock market this year. However, no one saw the coronavirus impact on […]


Learn Safe Investing with Stash

The app Stash is an excellent way to learn investing and how markets work. It is an app that gives you access to investments, which normally would require you to have thousands in investment capital. If you know nothing about investing, Stash is a great place to start to get your feet wet. It allows […]

Temporary Life Insurance Certificate

Be Certain to Get Your Temporary Life Insurance Certificate

Temporary life insurance helps you create an instant estate. It is probably the single greatest unique aspect differentiating investment in life insurance from 401Ks and IRA funds. However, no matter if you use life insurance as an investment (whole life policies), or for simple protection without cash value (term life policies), you should always get […]


Tremendous Power of Paid-Up Additions

The simple definition of paid-up additions is reinvestment of dividends. How does it work? Mutual insurance companies manage and invest money. These investments of course generate yields. In a publicly traded company, these yields are paid out as dividends to shareholders. They can be paid out annually, quarterly or even monthly. This depends on how […]