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We are specialists in asset protection. We help protect your assets in a way that if the unexpected happens, you or your family will not be forced to liquidate your assets.


How to make life insurance benefit you

How to make life insurance benefit you throughout your life

In this piece we want to discus how to make life insurance benefit you throughout your life. When you think about life insurance, you probably see it like most people, i.e. that it is something one needs only to protect their family or loved once in case of a sudden death. Well, that is a […]

Necessity or Luxury?

Necessity or luxury?

There are various ways people look at life insurance products. How do you view life insurance? Do you see it as a necessity or luxury? Here is our take on the issue. Number one thing you have to look at is where do you want to be in 10, 20, 30, 40 years? Another important […]


Rainy Day Fund

Rainy Day Fund Everyone surely knows what’s a rainy day fund. However, knowing and doing are two different concepts. Are you actually doing something to have your rainy day fund there for you to back you up if and when the day comes? What’s the size of your backup fund? What’s the ideal size of […]



Are your savings enough? Everyone of us knows that we have to have to be saving into an emergency fund and thereby set aside money for those rainy days, retirement, children’s schooling, and so on. The big question that remains is, how much is saving enough? The numbers differ depending on which adviser you talk […]


Life insurance as Portfolio Diversification

Life insurance as Portfolio Diversification Are you an investor? Or are you only an employee and have your job take care of your retirement portfolio? Either way your investment should always be diversified. Agents or investment brokers will always want to take all your extra (investment) money. Portfolio diversification in their book contains their products […]