Learn Safe Investing with Stash

The app Stash is an excellent way to learn investing and how markets work. It is an app that gives you access to investments, which normally would require you to have thousands in investment capital. If you know nothing about investing, Stash is a great place to start to get your feet wet. It allows you to start investing in stocks for as low as $5. Besides these fractional stock investments, it also provides you with articles that teach you market basics. Just link your bank account to Stash and set up the app to invest automatically into various investments of your choice on weekly basis for example.

Stash also gives you an opportunity to open up a checking account with Green Dot Bank. With this account you’ll get a Stash Visa card and each time you use it, Stash offer you Stock-Back.

Stock-Back Basic Rules

With every purchase you make, you will be awarded a fractional share of a stock in your portfolio. The amount invested on your behalf is equal to 0.125% of your transaction. The minimum investment being $0.01. It is not much, but again, it adds up and helps you expand your portfolio. For many companies such as Dunking Donuts, Walgreens, CVS and so on, you’ll receive Stock-Back in that particular company. For general purchases at locations not publicly traded, you can set a default stock in your portfolio.

Each month Stash runs various promotions, where the Stock-Back on purchases is 1%, 2%, up to 5%. Now, these percentages are worth giving them a try. Especially when you are looking to start to learn basics of investing.

 $50 Bonus for Direct Deposits to Invest with Stash

Upon opening up a checking account with Stash, you’ll be offered a one time bonus for direct deposit. If you set up a direct deposit from your employer, Stash will give you $50 if you receive direct deposits of $300 or more in first days. You will not receive a check in your mail, but it will be available to you to invest into your portfolio.

Take the first step, register and start learning how to save, invest and prepare for retirement or just those rainy days.

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