Staying Healthy

You know staying healthy is important. However, do you also realize that it is very cost efficient? And we’re not talking just from the perspective of hospital bills. Health impacts all aspects of your life. Yes, ALL aspects! Especially now, with our new “friend”, the coronavirus, staying healthy just achieved a new level of importance. Being health conscious is a good idea no matter what. What are you doing to maintain a healthy mind and body?

Keeping the Body Healthy

Healthy foods, vitamins and exercise, they are all a good idea and the obvious way. There are also some less obvious ways, you may have not thought of. Ways that are not only healthy, but also profitable. No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, you’re bound to catch some type of a bug or virus. What you do at that point defines your body’s future health. Say you get the common flu. What do you do? Do you lay down and let your body fight it off naturally? Or do you work right trough it with the help of the pharmaceutical industry?

If you lay down and let the body handle your flu naturally, you may be out of commission for 3-5 days. Sure, you’ll lose some money and maybe will be late on some projects or deadlines. However, the feel good pharmaceutical world can have a long term negative impact. By suppressing some symptoms and tricking your body it feels good, you will be productive throughout your sickness. What then? Well, you didn’t let the flu run its course, the virus is still in you and it may pop up at any time later, with complications. In the end you may actually spend more time in bed, more money on treatments and over a longer period of time, than the original 3-5 days.

Mental Resilience

Another aspect of complete health is mental resilience. The most obvious here that comes to mind us the burnout syndrome. It is the one thing that can put an end to your professional career. What we have in mind is how mental resilience effects your immune system.  For example, if you feel depressed, this state of mind has a very deep impact on your body’s chemistry. Work on having a positive attitude and try to focus more on the positive things. The result will be a stronger immune system and hence increased productivity. Not to mention that it is a lot more fun working with a good outlook on life.

How to Build Mental Resilience

The number one thing you can try is limiting the time you spend watching and reading the news. Try to go one day without turning on the mainstream media news and you’ll see the difference. There are many paths to mental resilience. Sleep and relaxation are definitely at the top of the list. However, how much sleep can you get, when you are full of negative input? Another way to get into a different state of mind is to break the everyday rhythm. Do something different. We are creatures of habit and easily fall into the daily rut. A simple break in the routine will give you the mental energy you need. It can give you the pice of mind to get better sleep at night.

Staying Healthy Is the Key to Success

To be productive and profitable, you must work. However, you can’t ignore your body. If it asks you for rest, provide it. If you don’t now, it will catch up with you later. Your body is an investment like any other. How you manage it today, will define how dependable it will be letter. Don’t put extra stress on yourself today and do take a few days off, to get better. Your body will thank you later. And your bank account too.

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