Uninsurable? We have a solution

Did you try to get life insurance and were denied due to health reasons or age? We have a solution. We are able to offer you a guaranteed issue policy. If you are between the ages 18-74, then you can get 20/20 term life insurance for less than $60/mo. without any medical exam or doctor’s report.

Questions asked:

There are only three questions, which if you answer YES to, would disqualify you from getting this policy:

  • Has the enrolling member or enrolling spouse or child been diagnosed as Terminally Ill?
    (Terminal illness is a disease that cannot be cured or adequately treated and that is reasonably expected to result in the death of the patient within the next 36 months)
  • Is the enrolling member, spouse or child confined to a Hospital, Hospice Facility or any Assisted Living Facility?
  • Is the enrolling member UNABLE TO WORK a minimum of 20 hours or more per week on a regular basis.

We have a solution

If you can confidently answer yes to all three, then we have a solution and you may .

Since the policy is guaranteed issue there are a few rules. First is that the $20,000 does not start on the first day or the first of the month following payment. What you do get on the first month following payment is a $20.000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit. The policy’s death benefit starts on the first of the month following eleven months of continuous paid membership.

Yes, you will become a member, and members get benefits. You will get discounts to a number of stores and websites. One of the many is 1-800-prepare.com.

Benefit reduction due to age

When a member turns 70, coverage reduces to 65% of the face amount in effect just prior to age 70.

When a member turns 75, coverage reduces to 50% of the face amount in effect just prior to age 70.

Policies issued to individuals over age 70 initially are automatically reduced in accordance with the schedule above. Spouses experience the same reduction schedule, but it is based on spouse’s age

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