Best Life Insurance Tailor Made to You

If you search the key phrase “best life insurance”, then the first ten links offered to you are just top lists of whatever. These lists offer top companies, best term policies, whole life policies and so on. It is definitely useful information. But, the one thing you will not find on page one is information about, which life insurance or company is best for YOU! Simple facts about such as this company is the biggest, that company has the best policy and so on are useless to you. Life insurance is a deeply personal matter. In the end, each policy is tailor made to your personal situation, age weight, health conditions etc. Therefore, just because a whole life policy of Company A scored the most on someone’s top 10 list, does not mean it is the best one for you. It’s important to look at the scoring criteria.

Health Status

Best Life Insurance - Health
Health is key

Did the person preparing the top 10 list for 2020 take into consideration health status required to obtain the policy? Not all life insurances are created equal and not all companies play by the same rules. What one company considers to be a health status declaring you uninsurable, another company just considers high risk. And how many various health conditions are there? Do you really want to search all the top 10 lists and all their criteria? Do you want to contact all the companies one by one and find out their policies? Well, good luck with completing that task. Especially if it’s your first encounter with the life insurance industry.

In Life Insurance Age is Everything

Another fundamental factor in picking the best life insurance is age. Why? Because just like every company selling any product, even here companies have target groups. Yes, companies try to have a broad range of products, but they prioritize market sectors. And price is not the only method of assessment. Companies focus on target age groups also through riders. Riders are hard to assess in a Top 10 list, because they may or may not address your personal needs.

Your Future Plans

Does a generic Top 10 list take into consideration your future plans? How do you reflect your professional, family and personal growth in a list of top performers? And, just like any other industry, life insurance evolves daily. Especially in these post pandemic times. Your selection of policies changes. The companies adopt these to new market environment and your new needs. Unless you are an industry professional, no way you can keep up!

Getting Best Life Insurance is a Matter of Trust

Best Life Insurance - Listening
We’re ready to listen

And that brings us to the key point. You need to view life insurance as a lifetime investment. As per all of the factors stated above, you should not be looking for a carrier, policy or a specific product. Your focus should be on finding a reliable asset. Someone you can trust. A go to key person, who will keep up with the market and all you then have to do, is inform that person on where you stand in life. He/She will make the best recommendations tailor made to you. Just as you have a trusted family gynecologist, dentist, lawyer and so on. You also need to have a trusted family life insurance advisor.

If you’re interested in understanding life insurance, then let’s start a conversation. Let’s start building a relationship. You can start by filling out this form and we can get back to you with some conversation starter ideas and illustrations.

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