Gaming Power-Ups Trap

Gaming power-ups trapLooking for ways to save money? Today we will discuss something we call a “Gaming Power-Ups Trap.” As saving money is one of your fundamental responsibilities, you should look at dollars and cents. In case of the Gaming Power-Ups Trap, you spend a lot by spending very little. Every day, we spent a dollar here, and a dollar there and never really look at the big picture. After, what’s a dollar, right? No big deal. Well, what’s not a big deal to you, is big income for the game’s manufacture. If the game has a few hundred thousand installations, a dollar a day from each installation is decent income. In your case, the little Power-Up purchases add up just the same.



Purpose of these purchases

When discussing budgeting, it is important that you prioritize. Gaming power-ups fall into the category of fun, entertainment or free time activity.  If you’re like most people, you run your budgeting on monthly basis. First you pay your bills, buy food, put money aside into savings accounts and so on. What’s left, can be spent on fun stuff. How do you pick your fun time activities? Is Gaming really on top of your list? And what games are your favorite? Do you buy games or do you strictly download free games? Many free games have so called in-app purchases. What are these purchases exactly? Usually you need to purchase extra XP points, better sword, more soldiers, higher rank magic and so on. After you get to the next level, then what? Usually greater difficulty and more purchases. Money already spent doesn’t help you anymore.

Avoiding the Gaming Power-Ups Trap

Considering the facts above, let’s take a look at how to spend money on fun and games wisely. The power-ups are usually very inexpensive. The games also love to give you great deals. Get 50 extra coins for only $0.50! Today’s special, 80% off on Gold! Who wouldn’t love to advance to the next level faster? After all, it’s only a few pennies or a dollar. How many games do you play in a month? One main one, or maybe two, three. If you spend just a dollar on each game a day, well, that’s a $90 per month. And what do you get back? Just the instant feeling of success and the next day you start again.

It’s a lot smarter to spend a few dollars each month to purchase a game that doesn’t have this gaming power-up trap. This will give you a lot more playtime for your money. Power-ups do not offer any long lasting value. If you purchase 1 new game a week for $5, then for $20 a month you have something cheaper and long lasting.


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