Time to Think About Success in Your Life

Are you sitting there wondering that you’d like to do something different? Now is the time to think about success in your life. These are very turbulent times. Everything’s changing. Our way of life has changed in 2020 in a major way. And the changing isn’t over! Our society has not seen a major change such as this probably since the Industrial Revolution. Change may be uncomfortable to some, but it definitely brings opportunity, better yet opportunities.

Reasons to Consider Career Change

You may have lost a job. Why? It could be because your company went bankrupt, it is restructuring, possibly downsizing due to automation. Whatever the case is, you need to adapt and make the best of it. You can go look for a similar position elsewhere, but if you didn’t like your previous job, or were getting tired of it, then a change of career path is in order for you. It is time to think about success in your life. Utilize this time period to become something or someone else. A new you!

The Life Insurance Career

If you like working with and helping people, the career in life insurance sales could be ideal for you. It s definitely an industry, where there are a lot of moneymaking opportunities. You can start as a captive agent, which means you get stuck with a lot of rules. You will also be pressured into sales to meet sales quota. It also means that you will be selling only one company’s product.

Option two is to start as a life insurance broker. As a broker you have the freedom to service people using virtually any company’s product. The only quota you have is the one you set for yourself. No one forces your hand. You will not be mandated to attend any office hours or classes. All you have to do is become state certified and pay a monthly professional E&O insurance coverage. This coverage starts at around $30/month, depending on business volume and type of transactions you do. It does sound easy enough, right?

Time to Think About Success

This is work that you can do fully online without leaving your home. Meetings, applications, underwriting and even policy delivery is now a process that is fully online. And since you don’t have a set schedule, you can even get started part time.

If you think that now is the right time to get your new career started, then let’s get you going. You can read the step by step instructions how to get certified here. If you would like to schedule an in person or an online interview, where you can ask questions, then just fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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