How To Get Licensed In Any State

Looking for a side income or full change in career? This article will show you how to get licensed. The licensing process can differ state to state. However, the links provided below will always provide you with the correct information according to your state. in Becoming a part of the life and health insurance industry allows you to help people feel more secure and plan their future, while you get paid. You will be involved with people very closely on many levels. And since the insurance industry is one of the most regulated industries in the country, you’ll need to be licensed by your state.

So, what does it take to obtain a license? The following are the 3 steps you must make to get a license:

Step 1 – Prelicensing course

To prepare for the state test you must take a course. There are several options for taking the course. There is no requirement, which would mandate you to attend classes in person. The life and health are two separate licenses, but the state allows you to take these two tests combined. It will take you a little bit more time to study and get ready, but you save time and money on separate courses and tests later. Exam Fx is a company, which offers online Prelicensing courses. Their prices start at $149.95 and the lectures are well structured with sample tests at the end of each chapter. Once you complete all the individual chapters, you can take a so called Green Light exam. This exam is a simulation of the state test.

Step 2 – Taking the Licensing Exam

Now that you passed the Green Light exam in the online course, you’re ready to take the state test. You must take the state test under supervision and there is a three hour limit. It is called a proctored exam. This is why you have to make an appointment with a state approved testing center. There are several options, but Prometric is definitely among the top Licensing exam centers. The cost to take the exam is from $60 upwards, depending on your state. Upon successful completion of the state test, you are licensed to sell life and health insurance.

Step 3 – Errors and Omissions Insurance

You completed all qualification requirements and are ready to start. In order to work, you need to get a professional liability insurance. In the life insurance industry this is called an Errors & Omissions Insurance. All life insurance companies require one. Each company has different set of requirements on minimum coverage, but it is a must have. One of the price friendly companies offering this E&O insurance is NAPA. Besides the policy, NAPA provides many benefits. An example of these are some free CE (Continuing Education) courses with the above mentioned Exam Fx.

Step 4 – Join us

After taking the first three steps, it is time for you to get to work. Join us and skip the hassle of being a startup. By signing on with us, you avoid getting separate contracts with several companies, building a website and a portfolio of customers. We have all that ready for you. So, let’s make money!

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