love gifting a life policy

3 Reasons You’ll Love Gifting a Life Policy

What do we mean by “love gifting a life policy”? Well, it’s when for example grandparents buy a life policy for grandchildren. This type of gifting benefits everyone involved. There are many reasons for giving children a Whole Life Juvenile … Continue reading “3 Reasons You’ll Love Gifting a Life Policy”

guaranteed asset in your life

The #1 Guaranteed Asset In Your Life

You probably have a general rundown of your assets in your head. Which one of those is a guaranteed asset in your life though? Well, there are numerous types of assets and ways to protecting them, or guaranteeing them. Let’s … Continue reading “The #1 Guaranteed Asset In Your Life”

create an instant estate

How to Create an Instant Estate

One of the most fundamental functions of life insurance is that you can use it to create an instant estate. However, to be able to create an instant estate through a life insurance product, you must be healthy. Many people … Continue reading “How to Create an Instant Estate”

What is Whole Life Insurance?

For the definition of Whole Life Insurance we take a look at the definition by Wikipedia, “is a life insurance policy which is guaranteed to remain in force for the insured’s entire lifetime, provided required premiums are paid, or to … Continue reading “What is Whole Life Insurance?”