What is Asset Protection?

     We all go through our lives building up and expanding our assets. Asset Protection is a principle, which we use to preserve the assets we work for, increase and invest in. We acquire properties, save money and learn new ways to maximize our potential. Do you ever think about what if things did not exactly go as planned? What if something happens to me, or the key people in my life, private or professional?

Well, everything we own and everyone we deal with can in summary be called an asset. We generate assets all our lives to feel more secure, to leave something for our children, our spouses, family, even charities etc. However, when do we have enough to say, “OK, I have more than plenty, I can stop and enjoy life,” do we ever? And in the middle of this process if something happens to us, then what? Do you think about that? Do you know what will happen to all your assets at that point? Are they secure or will your closest ones have to start to liquidate these assets to get by?

When is Asset Protection necessary?

That something does not necessarily mean you’ll pass away, it can just simply be that due to health reason, you will not be able to perform your current profession any further. But, just because you cannot, does not mean expenses stop. You will more than likely not only stop generating assets, but actually use them to cover your bills.

Are you well prepared for such an eventuality? If the answer is:

  • “Yes, I am” – great, let’s sit down and just review your situation. As it can change from time to time.
  • “I don’t know” – great, let’s sit down and help you understand your situation.
  • “No, I am not” – wel,l we definitely need to talk.

How to solve this?

We are insurance brokers and can help you utilize various life insurance products to cover this need. Depending on your situation you may solve asset protection through a simple Term Life policy. If you are looking for a more complex solution, then for example a Whole Life policy can be used as portfolio diversification. Complete the form and let’s start a conversation with a free consultation.

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